Complete HTB Discovery Week

Complete Property tasked us to create the artwork for their Help to Buy (HTB) campaign they ran to promote the new homes they are selling in the Teignbridge area and to promote the governments Help to Buy scheme itself.


The discovery campaign ran for a week and consisted of different events that ran each day that potential first and second time buyers could attend to learn about HTB, how much they could afford to buy using the scheme, and what properties were available to them.


To connect Complete Property and the HTB scheme we decided to utilise a few of the colours from each of the identities that were both bold and engaging. To attract first time buyers and a younger market we created a series of digital adverts for social media platforms and an animation to gain attention in news feeds.


Incentives to reserve through Complete and a competition was ran during the week giving people the chance to win a £200 voucher. This helped generate interest for the event and create potential leads for Complete.


The campaign was widely advertised from print to digital, and was featured on; leaflets, Branch window cards, newspaper and magazine adverts, Linkedin, Facebook and Instagram.


We were also tasked to design a designated webpage allowing people to find out more information about HTB, gain mortgage advice and find out details about the daily events.