Horseshoe Close

Working alongside Complete Land & New Homes and Webbers in Newquay we were tasked to create an identity, brochure and marketing material for Horseshoe Close, a small development of 10 traditional bungalows built by the developer ADPAD in St Columb, Cornwall.

The identity & Brochure

The name Horseshoe Close was derived from the shape of the site the homes are situated. The icon above the title represents the ‘Nine Maidens stone row’ which can be found close by. The brochure was designed to be clear and simple, We decided to make full use of the space and allowed the floor plans for each of the house types to fill the available space to make it easier on the eye.

On going marketing material

To generate interest for the site before the show homes or individual plots was built, Move was tasked to create a series of adverts and promotional material to attract potential buyers. These included adverts for newspapers, branch window cards, digital adverts for rightmove, email adverts and social media ads.


After the show home was built and professional photography was taken, we produced another run of teaser adverts and invitations inviting people to come and view the show home. A leaflet which was canvased out to the local area was also created to help attract the older generation of buyer who may not pick up emails and add a personal touch.