Freckleton Lodge

Brochure Design


Owned by Karma Health, Freckleton lodge is a dementia care home that benefits from 28 en-suite rooms, Multiple lounge and seating areas and secure private gardens. Many of the rooms at Frecklleton Lodge were offered out to national and international investors who could yield a return over numerous years.  To target these investors, Karma Health asked us to create an informative brochure in their livery that they could send out to potential business.


Taking this project on board, we took the supplied dense material and turned it into something fresh, with easily digestible information. To achieve this, we used a mixture of large images and light typography. To break down the content, infographics and colourful graphs were adopted.


The story behind Karma health was just as important as the investment opportunity. The story and key information about the home were carefully placed within the brochure bringing the two themes together.